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Information Technology Vice President and CIO Elias G Eldayrie
October 4, 2017
Faculty and Staff:
In conducting the daily business of the university we collect, use, and store massive amounts of information to support UF’s mission.  Securing this information is of the highest importance.
Losses of information to cybercriminals are often a result of “phishing.”  Phishing is a form of social engineering that appears to come from a familiar group or organization, but contains a link to steal your log-in credentials, passwords, and/or personal information like your address or bank routing number.  
To avoid being a victim of phishing note the following:
  • Before clicking on a link embedded in an email, place the mouse pointer over the link and inspect the web address the link goes. Look carefully as many of these web pages mimic closely legitimate web pages. If you are suspicious of the web address…do not click or enter any data!
  • Anyone who thinks they may have clicked on a phishing link should immediately change their GatorLink password.  Assistance changing GatorLink passwords is available 24/7 from the UF Computing Help Desk (352-392-HELP/4357,
Forward suspect emails to  Your local IT support can offer additional advice on phishing precautions, as well as help you select secure storage options for your research, teaching and learning, and administrative activities.  For additional information, visit
Have a great semester and Go Gators!
Elias G. Eldayrie
Vice President and CIO
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